As a contracting firm, we both prepare customized projects and build turnkey construction services in Datca peninsula.

With our professional staff; from the preparation of the land, to the preparation of architectural projects suitable for land and zoning, from the approval of the project by related institution, to the construction, we carry out all stages within our own structure. 

We like to carry out the durable, robust and high quality works that are compatible with nature, bearing the characteristics of the region, proper for the earthquake regulations. 

Laçin Construction is a dynamic structure open to innovations and ideas related to the construction sector.

We're here to make good, pleasant, enjoyable work for you.

We invite you to our office to prepare your living area together.

For your custom projects;

  • If you don't have land, we find the land that suits you.
  • We arrange your architectural designs suitable for land and zoning for your request.
  • We obtain all construction and license permits from the relevant units and authorities.
  • We deliver your house in terms of conditions and on time written on the contract we have previously signed in the form of a deed in accordance with the project, all licenses and additions.

Areas of services:

  • Preparation of land plan quoted
  • To obtain construction permits from related units
  • Construction of architectural and technical projects
  • Custom turnkey construction works
  • Construction agreement in return for land or flat share 
  • Build-and-sell system construction
  • Construction monitoring and control works


High quality, rising on solid grounds, blended with knowledge and experience, Mediterranean and Aegean sea to meet in the projects of nature wonder peninsula,

We invite you to our office!



Renovation Work in Datca Aktur Res...

Location: Datça - Aktur residence

Job: Big renovation work from base to roof and gardening

Start / End: 2016 / 2017

Custome Villa Construction in Datç...

Locaiton: Datca - Burgaz

Job: Duplex home and apartment built with garden arrangement

Start / End: 2016 / 2016

Stone Covered Villa At Kargı Bay

Location: Datca - Kargı

Job: Triplex house and garden walls

Start / End: 2015/2016

Villa Construction in Kargı Mandal...

Locaiton: Datca - Kargı

Job: Duplex house and garden arrangement

Start / End: 2015

Laçin Günbatımı Site

Locaiton: Datça - Kumharımı

Job: Construction of 12 apartments and 6 villas

Start / End: 2010 / 2011

Raykent Apartment Renovation

Location: Kızlan - Raykent

Job: Complete Turn-key Project

Start - End: 2011

Home Renovation in Hizirsah Pustul...

Location: Hızırşah - Pustular

Job: Turn-key Project

Start / End: 2010

Dadya KNK Site Home Renovation

Location: Dadya KNK Site

Job: Renovation

Start / End: 2009

Stone Villa Construction With Pool...

Location: Eski Datça

Job:  Construction of Villa with Pool

Start / End: 2006 / 2007

Aktur Home Renovation and Landscap...

Location: Aktur Datca

Job: Renovation and Landscaping

Start / End: 2003